Beautiful Senior Housing at Heritage Place

Floor Plans of Our Senior Apartments


These are our Memory Care Apartments and perfectly sized for our residents.

Veranda Suite

Located in the South Hall. Bigger bathroom and bigger studio. Some have a patio.

Bungalow Suite

Small studio located by the dining room with a larger bathroom, sliding glass door and patio.


Single bedroom located on the North side of the building. Some have a full kitchen.

Terrace Suite

Our most popular studio. Great size for residents, great location for people that might have mobility issues and located in the center of the community.

Deluxe Suite

Single bedroom located on the South side. Very popular and it's the only apartment that you can fit a king size bed.

Premier Suite

Large and spacious two bedroom apartment. Some come with full kitchen.

Alcove Suite

Largest studio. Located in the North Hall with an Independent Living feel.